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Titlesort iconGradeLength (minutes)Teacher Guide?Synopsis
Exploring the Sky1st - 5th grade60NoStars, planets, moon, constellations; earns badge for young scouts
How Do We Explore Space?1st grade50YesExploring space by using our eyes, telescopes, and spacecraft
Introduction to the Planetarium0/Kdg - 1st grade45-50YesIntroduces the planetarium and the day and night sky
Larry Cat in Space1st - adult60YesA family show about a cat that follows its owner to the moon
Let It Snow1st - adult60YesFavorite holiday songs and festive animation (full dome show - additional fee)
MoonWitch2nd - adult50NoAfter hearing Halloween stories, a young girl learns about the moon
Wilbear's Adventure0/Kdg - 3rd Grade50NoWilbear is a teddy bear who learns about the history & science of flight
Wright Way to Fly, The5th - adult60NoThe history of human flight from Icarus to the Wright Brothers.