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Titlesort iconGradeLength (minutes)Teacher Guide?Synopsis
Apollo 11: First Landing on the Moon6th - adult60NoA detailed account of the first landing on the moon in 1969
Eclipse: Dance of Shadow and Light6th - adult60NoSolar & lunar eclipses in history; cause of eclipses; viewing safely
Exploring the Sky1st - 5th grade60NoStars, planets, moon, constellations; earns badge for young scouts
Humans and the Moon, Part 15th - 6th grade60YesInformation learned about the moon prior to spaceflight
Humans and the Moon, Part 25th - 6th grade60YesNew knowledge about the moon from lunar probes and astronauts
Larry Cat in Space1st - adult60YesA family show about a cat that follows its owner to the moon
Moon, The3rd - 4th grade60YesBasic information about the moon, phases, and eclipses
MoonWitch2nd - adult50NoAfter hearing Halloween stories, a young girl learns about the moon