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Titlesort iconGradeLength (minutes)Teacher Guide?Synopsis
Adventures Along the Spectrum3rd - 5th grade60NoProfessor Photon explains light and the electromagnetic spectrum
Comet Called Halley, A6th - adult60NoThe history & science of comets; results of Halley's 1986 visit
Dawn of Astronomy, The8th - adult60NoAncient Astronomy; building & use of pyramids; Stonehenge
Eclipse: Dance of Shadow and Light6th - adult60NoSolar & lunar eclipses in history; cause of eclipses; viewing safely
Exploring Our Universe6th - adult60NoHow humans' view of the universe has changed throughout the history
Galaxies and the Universe6th - adult60NoThe fall sky; the Milky Way & Andromeda Galaxies; types of galaxies
How Do We Explore Space?1st grade50YesExploring space by using our eyes, telescopes, and spacecraft
Learning About Stars6th - adult60NoThe winter sky; brightness, color, composition, and how stars evolve
Our Star, the Sun4th - 5th grade60YesAbout stars and the sun; how the sun affects our planet
Star Gazer, The5th - adult60NoAstronomer James Kaler shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for stars
Through the Eyes of Hubble8th - adult60NoThe discoveries made by Hubble since being successfully repaired