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TitleGradesort iconLength (minutes)Teacher Guide?Synopsis
Current Sky and Solar System2nd - adult60YesConstellations; sky motion; a trip to the North Pole; tour of the planets
Sun's Family, The3rd - 4th grade60YesCovers the sun, planets, moons, asteroids, and comets
Moon, The3rd - 4th grade60YesBasic information about the moon, phases, and eclipses
Flying the Space Shuttle3rd - 4th grade60NoHow the shuttle works and what it does in space; historic missions
Adventures Along the Spectrum3rd - 5th grade60NoProfessor Photon explains light and the electromagnetic spectrum
Water Planet, The4th - 5th grade60NoThe atmosphere, water, land, and life of Earth; basic geology
Our Star, the Sun4th - 5th grade60YesAbout stars and the sun; how the sun affects our planet
Satellites and Space Probes4th - 5th grade60YesTypes of satellites; rockets; space probes sent to the planets
Dawn of the Space Age4th - adult60YesHistoric moments from Sputnik to the Shuttle (full dome show - additional fee)