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TitleGradesort iconLength (minutes)Teacher Guide?Synopsis
Humans and the Moon, Part 15th - 6th grade60YesInformation learned about the moon prior to spaceflight
Humans and the Moon, Part 25th - 6th grade60YesNew knowledge about the moon from lunar probes and astronauts
Inner Solar System, The5th - 6th grade60NoMercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and the asteroid belt
Outer Solar System, The5th - 6th grade60NoJupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and comets
Star Gazer, The5th - adult60NoAstronomer James Kaler shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for stars
Wright Way to Fly, The5th - adult60NoThe history of human flight from Icarus to the Wright Brothers.
Destination Mars!5th - adult60NoFollow astronauts on a journey to explore Mars based on NASA plans
Planets, The5th - adult60NoFrom its formation to extrasolar planets, this program explores our solar system