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Titlesort iconGradeLength (minutes)Teacher Guide?Synopsis
Humanities & the Stars: Greeks8th - adult60NoThe stars, planets, and universe as portrayed in Greek mythology
Inner Solar System, The5th - 6th grade60NoMercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and the asteroid belt
Introduction to the Planetarium0/Kdg - 1st grade45-50YesIntroduces the planetarium and the day and night sky
Larry Cat in Space1st - adult60YesA family show about a cat that follows its owner to the moon
Learning About Stars6th - adult60NoThe winter sky; brightness, color, composition, and how stars evolve
Life and Death of Stars, The6th - adult60NoThe evolution of stars as traced in the constellations of winter
Life Beyond Earth6th - adult60YesHow planets form & life beings, life elsewhere, methods of contact
Magellan: Report from Venus8th - adult60NoResults from the Magellan probe which used radar to map Venus
Man and the Moon, Part 15th - 6th grade60YesInformation learned about the moon prior to spaceflight
Man and the Moon, Part 25th - 6th grade60YesNew knowledge about the moon from lunar probes and astronauts
Mars Show, The6th - adult60NoHistoric views, recent Mars probes, and future exploration
Mercury: America's First Men in Space7th - adult60NoEarly space race with the Soviet Union; flights of Shepard & Glenn
Moon, The3rd - 4th grade60YesBasic information about the moon, phases, and eclipses
MoonWitch2nd - adult50NoAfter hearing Halloween stories, a young girl learns about the moon
More Than Meets the Eye6th - adult60NoBackyard astronomy: objects visible with eyes, binoculars, telescopes
Our Star, the Sun4th - 5th grade60YesAbout stars and the sun; how the sun affects our planet
Outer Solar System, The5th - 6th grade60NoJupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and comets
RingWorld6th - adult60NoWritten to coincide with the arrival of the Cassini probe at the Saturn System.
Satellites and Space Probes4th - 5th grade60YesTypes of satellites; rockets; space probes sent to the planets
Star Gazer, The5th - adult60NoAstronomer James Kaler shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for stars