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The Sun

Listen to the Sun

We feel the Sun’s warmth on our skin, and we can see the Sun’s light. Now we can listen to the sound of the Sun. You may even “feel” it on your skin!

Top Solar Events of 2012

The sun’s 11-year solar cycle is nearing the peak of solar activity. Belgian astronomers, working with the European Space Agency (ESA), have listed the top solar events of 2012.

Light Inside the Sun

The sun can be divided into layers where different things occur. The center or core of the sun is where nuclear fusion occurs.

Sun Activity Returns

The sun normally has an 11-year cycle of activity. When it’s active, scientists see sunspots on the surface where the magnetic field lines exit and reenter the sun.

Ulysses Over Sun'sNorth Pole

The Ulysses spacecraft was launched in October 1990 from the space shuttle Discovery on a joint mission of NASA and the European Space Agency.

Sun Sounds Shake Earth

The sun’s interior resonates low-frequency sounds, like a bell vibrating tones. The loudest of the notes have frequencies around .0003 hertz, which is about one vibration every five minutes.

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