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International Space Station

Find the Space Station

NASA has a new website to help spot the International Space Station from your location. Go to for information.


European Space Agency (ESA) and the U.S. Strategic Command have agreed to exchange data on orbital paths to protect satellites from space junk collisions in low orbits around Earth.

Jellyfish Flames

In space, flames from fire aren’t teardrop-shaped like on Earth. They are round balls that move around and look alive, resembling jellyfish flitting about in the ocean.

ISS Avoids Space Junk

Twice in January the International Space Station had to maneuver into a higher orbit to avoid debris in its orbital path. Travelling at 17,500 mph, even very small debris could cause serious damage.

ISS Experiment for Energy

The International Space Station (ISS) is host to many experiments. Wagner Vendrame heads the experiment started at the University of Florida in Homestead.

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