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Bulge in Venus' Atmosphere

Astronomers are intrigued by a huge, bow-shaped bulge, more than 6,000 miles long in the highest layer of Venus’ atmosphere. It’s about 40 miles above the surface of Venus.

Glory on Venus

When sunlight shines on cloud droplets, rainbows can occur. Another feature that can occur is a glory.

Venus Has Ozone Layer

ESA’s (European Space Agency) Venus Express spacecraft has discovered an ozone layer high in the atmosphere of Venus.

Venus Volcanoes

ESA’s Venus Express spacecraft has been orbiting Venus since April 2006. The data it has gathered indicates the planet Venus is still capable of volcanic eruptions and is geologically active.

Winds on Venus

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Venus Express spacecraft has been orbiting the southern hemisphere of Venus since 2006.

February Planets

Mercury can be seen at the very end of the month for about a half hour after sunset in the constellation Aquarius (the Water-Bearer). Mercury appears higher in the sky each evening and will be easier to see in March when it’s higher and brighter in the predawn sky. Mercury looks like a small white star.

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