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Weather Station - ActiveWeather

Our weather station features ActiveWeather 32, from WeatherView. ActiveWeather is a "streaming information" weather service. ActiveWeather requires that you download a program, which can then be used to connect to our weather station and stream semi-live weather information back to your machine.

Follow the instructions below to set up ActiveWeather on your computer. If you have already completed steps #1 and #2 before you may simply follow step #3 to begin streaming weather information again.

Installation Instructions

Step 1 — Install and launch ActiveWeather

Download the ActiveWeather Installer from WeatherView. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard to complete set up on your computer. When the installation is complete, launch ActiveWeather from your start menu.

Step 2 — Add MCP to list of weather sites.

From within ActiveWeather, click on the "Edit" menu and then "Enter\Edit HTTP Server Paths".

ActiveWeather Edit Menu

Enter "" as the ID for the first site. Enter for the URL.
When complete your site list should look similar to the image below.

MCP Site configured in ActiveWeather

Click "Close" to exit the site setup screen.

Step 3 — Begin monitoring MCP weather

Click on the "Select WV32 Active Site to Monitor" menu and select "". ActiveWeather will download weather data from our weather station and begin displaying it.

When you are done viewing weather, simply close the program. Every time you launch ActiveWeather, simply re-select "" from the list of "Active Sites to Monitor", and you will be reconnected to our weather server.


Q: Why is the time displayed for "Data Collected" behind?

A: Our weather station uploads data every five minutes and therefore ActiveWeather is delayed by at least five minutes.

Q: I do not see MCPStars in my list of available WeatherView sites. Why?

A: You probably did not specify MCPStars in your list of available sites to monitor. Repeat step 2 in setup.

Questions? Contact us.