Merrillville Community Planetarium
Bringing the Universe to the Merrillville Schools and Northwest Indiana

Planetarium Staff

Gregg Williams,
Planetarium Director

Gregg is a teacher in the Merrillville Community School Corporation and assigned to the planetarium full-time. He is responsible for the astronomy curriculum and presenting programs to Merrillville classes. He is also responsible for supervising all outside and public shows and for planetarium operation and maintenance. Gregg has been Planetarium Director since August, 1982.

Gregg Williams
Linda Charnetzky
Linda Charnetzky,
Show Presenter

Linda is a Show Presenter for group and public shows. She is also responsible for writing and editing Sky News, the monthly newsletter produced by the planetarium. Linda has worked at the planetarium since April, 1990.

Ruth Drapeau,
Show Presenter

Ruth is a Show Presenter for group and public shows.

Ruth Drapeau
Marjorie Ellis
Marjorie Ellis,
Show Presenter

Marjorie is a Show Presenter for group and public shows.

Pam Powell,
Gift Shop Manager

Pam is manager of the planetarium's gift shop, Orion's Trading Post. She is responsible for ordering merchandise and keeping financial records. Pam has been Gift Shop Manager since April, 1999.

Pam Powell
Barb Williams
Barb Williams,
Volunteer Secretary

Barb volunteers at the planetarium handling financial and statistical records.

Laura Fries and Lupe Boursier,
Reservation Clerks

As Teacher Aides, Laura and Lupe are responsible for typing and duplicating materials for teachers at Pierce Middle School. They also takes reservations for public programs at the planetarium. Laura has worked as a Teacher Aide since August, 2003.

Laura Fries Lupe Boursier