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Student Assistant Training

Sixty one middle and high school students were accepted into Planetarium training that began September 9th and will continue through October 6th.

New Camelopardalid Meteor Shower

The Camelopardalids meteor shower should be visible to Northwest Indiana very early Saturday morning.

Congratulations to Student Assistants Who Passed Tests

Congratulations to the Planetarium student assistants who have passed all four tests before the end of the calendar year.

Planetarium Club

The Planetarium Club is comprised of the student assistants who volunteer their time to help out in the planetarium.


Gregg L. Williams, Merrillville Community Planetarium Director for 31 years, was nominated for the Thomas Brennan Award for Secondary Teaching from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) by Maryetta Petras in 2011.


For the first time in many years, our Academic Super Bowl Team placed in the top three for the state all-around composition and took 3rd place. They had already taken 2nd place for the district.

State Science Olympiad Stars

Congratulations to Allison Vanderbilt and Steffan Santiago, who took 3rd place in the Reach for the Stars competition at the State Science Olympiad finals against 30 regional champion teams in Bloomington, Indiana

Science Olympiad Stars

Several planetarium assistants were participants in the Regional Science Olympiad held at Indiana University Northwest. Working in teams of 2, they participated in several different events.

Congratulations to Student Assistants Who Passed All Tests!

Congratulations to the Planetarium’s student assistants who passed all the tests before the end of the calendar year. They have applied themselves and earned appliques on their I.D.s for each test.

Adult Employees in the Planetarium

The planetarium has several adults who work different schedules. Gregg Williams is the Planetarium Director and is the only full time employee.

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