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MCP News

NASA Alcove

The NASA alcove is located in the waiting area. There are two points of interest, a television and a computer. The television is set on the NASA channel.

Nick Makarowski's Summer Internship

Nick Makarowski has accepted a summer internship with Orbital Sciences Corporation (OSC) in Chandler, Arizona. Nick will be working with the design team.

Space Place Board

One long wall of the Waiting Area has bulletin boards filled with posters and information. The first section is reserved for Space Place.

Space Science Alcove

The Space Science alcove is located in the waiting area, near the theater doors. It has a large viewing screen for NASA mission information on various satellites.

Earth Science Alcove

The Earth Science alcove is located in the waiting area. This area focuses on Earth and weather. There is an interactive computer with an Earth Update program.

The Waiting Area

The Waiting Area is a large room adjacent to the theater. Groups can use the Waiting Area in many different facets. The Waiting Area has five lunch tables each with twelve attached seats.


Congratulations to the Planetarium student assistants who have passed all four of the required tests before the end of the calendar year.

Student Assistants in the Gift Shop

The Planetarium student assistants have many responsibilities that require various skills. The Gift Shop has a variety of duties.

Adult Education Skygazing

Two classes are being offered this fall through the Adult Education Program.

Nick Makarowski's Internship at NASA

Nicholas Makarowski, a former Merrillville Community Planetarium student assistant and graduate of Merrillville Community School Corporation in 2007, had the experience of a lifetime when he was accep

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