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Family Gatherings at the Merrillville Community Planetarium

The Merrillville Community Planetarium offers private shows for groups like scouts and brownie troops, church groups, and Red Hat Societies. But did you know that you can have your own private family gathering at the planetarium?

For many years, we’ve been hosting birthday parties at the planetarium. The private show fee includes up to one hour in our theater for a planetarium show of your choice and use of our Waiting Area for up to one hour. In the Waiting Area, you may serve food and engage in birthday party activities.

We now offer the opportunity for family gatherings during the holiday season. We have a new full dome planetarium show, “Let It Snow – A Holiday Music Journey”. “Let It Snow” features a variety of classic songs from Frank Sinatra and Chuck Berry to Burl Ives and Brenda Lee, all accompanied by festive animations filling the entire planetarium dome. The 30 minute recorded program may be followed by a live guided tour of constellations, brights stars, and planets of the winter sky.

You may schedule a private showing of “Let It Snow” for your family and friends at the planetarium. “Let It Snow” is available from mid-November to the end of December. The cost is $82 per show and includes up to one hour in the planetarium theater and up to one hour in our Waiting Area. Additional time in our Waiting Area is available for $26 per hour.

“Let It Snow” provides a unique family gathering for the holidays. Call or email the planetarium to reserve a planetarium program for your next family gathering.