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The Indiana State Planetarium Meeting is March 18th at Carmel Planetarium

The Indiana State Planetarium Meeting will be held on Saturday, March 18th at Carmel Planetarium located in Carmel High School in Carmel, Indiana. Keith Turner is the Planetarium Director at Carmel and has organized this year’s meeting. Many people from Merrillville Community Planetarium will be in attendance. Mr. Williams, the Planetarium Director, various faculty, and staff members including 12 to 15 Student Assistants from Pierce Middle School and Merrillville High School will spend the day learning about the latest technology for planetariums and other planetariums in our area.

This year’s agenda will include an overview of the two-month-old upgrades in the Carmel Planetarium: Goto renovation and Chronos installation. Three vendors — Bowen Technovation of Indianapolis, Goto, and Spitz — will give presentations on their newest products and services. Various papers, talks, and demonstrations by other planetariums will continue throughout the day. There will also be updates on the Children’s Museum Planetarium located in Indianapolis and the Hurst Planetarium located in Jackson, Michigan. After the meeting, Jeff Bowen has invited all participants to go to the Bowen Technovation facilities just 20 minutes away for a hands-on tour.