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All Dome Video System makes Debut in Winter 2007 Public Show

After three months of installations and preparation, Merrillville Community Planetarium will debut the $135,000 all-dome video system in our Winter 2007 Public show, "The Winter Sky."

The most often received complaint of our programs was the relatively low number of outlines which were available on the sky. Outlines are stick-drawings that are used to connect the stars to provide a visual representation of the constellation. The previous Spitz projector provided four of these, some of which could not be used during portions of the year. Utilizing the new DigitalSky 2 system from Sky-Skan, Merrillville Planetarium can now display all 88 constellations with overlays and outlines.

This program is the first show to be produced utilizing the newly installed system from Sky-Skan, INC. Our summer 2007 public show, Galaxies, originally produced using three slide screens and the star projector, is also being reproduced to utilize the real-time movement of slides, video and other multi-media objects, and will be the second public show Merrillville Planetarium will display to the public utilizing DigitalSky 2.

For more information about the new system, please contact us.