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Sky Dates

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TitleYearMonthDaysort icon
Moon Passes Aldebaran2020March02
First Quarter Moon2020March02
Moon Passes Pollux2020March05
Moon Passes Beehive2020March06
Spring Forward2020March08
Moon Passes Regulus2020March08
Neptune in Conjunction2020March08
Full Moon2020March09
Moon at Perigee2020March10
Last Quarter Moon2020March16
Moon Occults Mars2020March18
Moon Passes Jupiter2020March18
Moon Passes Saturn2020March18
Vernal Equinox2020March19
Venus at Perihelion2020March19
VU Observatory2020March20
Moon Passes Mercury2020March21
Mercury at Elongation2020March23
New Moon2020March24
Moon at Apogee2020March24